Valeria Orlando, with her 20+ years experience on international fashion sets as make up artist, decided to create her very own make up line, V)OR, thanks to the help of an International team of chemistry and cosmetical experts.

The brand V)OR, totally Made in Italy, was born after 5 years of researches and studies. A specific formulation enriched by almost 59% of pure color pigments, compared to the average 12% of normal make up and 30% of professional make up: thanks to this characteristic is possible to create a perfect foundation with a very little product.

The creation of this line, is fueled by the desire to make more beauty in the world of makeup, in an innovative way, sometimes surpassing usual barriers of existing professional products. At first, the product generated in the prototype phase and in anonymous packages traveling in the bag Valeria Orlando on photo shoots, later, by the encouragement of enthusiastic photographers and models with which Valeria is measured daily and the first user customers, comes a brand to expand in the world cosmetics its customer base which today still looking for a product that is easy to use but at the same time professionally impeccable and you consider all the different types of leather in the world.

The result – An absolute visual fidelity in color reproduction and tone, with a yield of well 360 different skin tones, unsurpassed product performance that should be applied in very small quantities while ensuring a naturally opaque result and an SPF factor of 60!










The waterproof can be used in wet & dry version. The use of the powder is recommended only for the need of video footage or in adverse weather conditions (high temperatures)., covering of extraordinary lightness, a Long Lasting formula, due to the low dosage of oils (isopropyl myristate are not present that penetrates the skin, lanolin oil that clogs the pores of the skin and deteriorates easily, almond oil which easily become rancid) unparalleled effect in eye shadows, lipsticks and blush of the line full-color effect.


Normally, make-up products are made with brown pigments, red / brown, yellow / brown, white and talc, thus repeating various shades of beige.On the basis of these studies the foundation V)OR Makeup was made taking into consideration these studies and adding a pigment which reproduces thecolor of melanin and thus can guarantee to every type of skin to maintain its natural color without the unpleasant effect of having a color contrast between the face and neck and also standardizing the complexion naturally with very little product.

That is why the foundations V)OR Make Up are divided into 7 different classifications for a total of 24 color tones, of which none is Beige; mixing the different classifications we arrive at a range of colors that touches the portion of well 360 shades of skins!

 Video V)OR Make Up Campaign

The video is the result of Valeria Orlando creativity, out of the common schemes of a beauty campaign.

The Fifth Element! The fifth element is a personal reinterpretation of his “GIVE LOVE FIRST”.

There are four elements in nature that keep alive our planet:

WATER, EARTH, FIRE AND AIR and four are the elements that make up the secret formula of V)OR Makeup.




But something is still missing … the LOVE … for what you do! That’s why GIVE LOVE FIRST! V)OR Makeup born with love and gets to the heart of women with this extraordinary force.













GIVE LOVE FIRST is the slogan that sums up the philosophy of the brand.


Always the creativity stimulates us to refine the tools.


The face of a woman is embellished only by a superb range of shades and invisible corrections, can only those who have mastered the subtle pigments game!

The search for refined, sensitive and biocompatible materials leads to a chemical and physical exploration of optimal performance characteristics of the products in the colors and tones.


The foundation and neutralizers V)OR Makeup is made with a special formula “Talc Free” which lacks the talc as inert substance and where it is increased to the maximum percentage of pigments, almost up to 60% compared with 30% of professional formulas usual!

V)OR aims to become a reference point to professional make up artists, especially from the fashion and advertising business.
Valeria Orlando organizes make up courses and workshops in Italy and all over the world, to help emerging make up artists to develop their skills and to introduce them to the V)OR world, eventually including them in future works and events as V)OR Staff.