For her expertise and experience in Fashion, Valeria Orlando has become an expert in the field and in the training of Make Up Artist professionals.

The Make Up Artist must be a strategic figure today capable of combining artistic and creative skills with make up technique to be able to give added value to the work of fashion designers and art director.
VOR Make Up and Balkan Fashion Week are organizing a special MASTER BREVE which offers the opportunity for young professionals to learn Valeria’s techniques directly on the field, taking part in the Balkan Fashion Week where Valeria Orlando will be Beauty Director .

Join the V) OR International Fashion Workshop!

Because it’s not just a simple academic lesson but a real field experience, a fashion week for the first time in the world, on a movie set in Sofia, Bulgaria – Hollywood of Balkans, NU BOYANA FILM STUDIOS.
5 days on the most important film sets made in Europe, Europe’s largest film studio!

You will learn not only the makeup techniques required by the fashion world, but you really will know what it’s like to work on the backstage of international fashion shows and fashion editorial productions on a movie set where great actors such as Adrien Brody, Antonio Banderas, Ryan Reynolds, Nicholas Cage, Jason Statham or Gerard Butler have chosen Nu Boyana Film Studios for their film productions.


The opportunity to undertake the career of makeup artists as professionals in the field of fashion.

The possibility of getting in touch with magazines, advertising agencies, tvs, making up not only models or models, but also celebrities.

Each participant at a international workshop will receive a certificate of international validity at the end of the course.

You will have the opportunity to know the fashion icon Diane Pernet and attend ASVOFF 9, Shaded View on Fashion Film, the most famous Fashion Film Festival that moves all the production from Paris to Sofia, in the exclusive location BOUFA FILM STUDIOS.

You will have the opportunity to visit the renowned Nu Boyana Film Studios set in New York City, London, Cuba, Israel or Greece, as well as having the opportunity to meet and work with a team of international professionals. Special guests from New York City, Paris, London or Milan will welcome Balkan Fashion Week and ASVOFF 9 by Diane Pernet.

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