Do you become a V)ORĀ Ambassador?

Do you work with a team made up of people not only united by the same passion but also by the same values?

Do you want to access to the Best exclusive event of the year, New York Fashion Week?


Here’s how!

In order to open a V)OR Academy, you first need to know the products of the line.

Approaching V)OR world, you need to participate to V)OR training with Valeria, it is for free if you decide to become a V)OR Ambassador; In any case you have the availability to use all V)OR products understanding which are the unique qualities and the easy way by using the V)OR Makeup line, without carrying on the set too many products, which in most cases deteriorate in the bags without having ever used them.


Whether you attend a training course with V)OR or you had another training, to open a V)OR Academy, you must have at least two years of experience as a teacher, V)OR does not recognize the title of the V)OR Academy teacher to any inexperienced graduated makeup artist!

Our values and our principles are based on responsibility and on human and educational values of the future teacher.

Teaching is not for everyone and every make-up artist who decides to play this role requires a period ranging from two to five years of apprenticeship, only with experience, continuous training on the job with a teacher, discipline and dedication you can perform this task so important!

Are you a teacher in a makeup school, but you are not satisfied with your role and do you feel that your value is not taken into account? Are you a makeup artist who already dedicates part of time teaching independently? Do you want to be part of a team and compare yourself with a company that strongly believes in the values of the “FAMILY”? Do you want to be supported in your area by a brand known by now overseas?

It is your time! Grow up with us! V)OR Makeup is looking for you, make-up artist who want to merge, maintaining its essence, respecting itself and the others, in full harmony with our think:


Send an email to and we help you to realize your dream.


V)OR Academy requires to the Ambassadors:

  1. For each course a minimum number of participants equal to 4;
  2. The purchase of a Smart Box (76 pieces total) to be held in place for the lessons;
  3. To attend the free training course directly in Milan to become V)OR Ambassador;
  4. Stick severely to the program as notes.

The Ambassador, by signing the contract with V)OR Academy, will make use of the V)OR Brand name, according to the contract related to terms and use of the Brand name included; if the teacher does not perform its task in accordance to the agreed rules, he/she will be stripped of the V)OR Ambassador title and indisputably the contract will lapse.

To request more info send an email us at


Actually we are here!

Francesca Ragone, in arte Beyouty Lookmaker a Salerno.

Marianna Cupido, in arte Glamary, Cava dei Tirreni.

Ilaria Matarazzo, ToBe Academy a Lamezia Terme.

Monica Guidi, Milano.

Monica Boccuni, Monica Makeup a Taranto.

Le V)OR Ambassador internazionali:

Chrissy Tolidou, London.

Geta Marin, Bucarest.

Next opening: Catania, Verona, Genova.