Here there is a description that will allow both the next V)OR teachers and the V)OR students to better understand what V)OR Academy offers:

V)or Academy Rules:

 The V)OR Academy consists of 5 courses:

  • Base 1;
  • Base 2;
  • Beauty;
  • Wedding;
  • Fashion.

The first 4 courses are held by V)OR Ambassador, formed directly from Valeria Orlando and recognize to the students a certificate of participation to each course.

The Fashion course is made in Milan directly with Valeria, this last training step allows students to obtain the Final Diploma signed by V)OR Academy, if the student has attended the entire training V)OR Academy.

Duration and Cost of the Academy:

Base 1                  3 days                      € 450.00 incl VAT

Base 2                  3 days                      € 450.00 incl VAT

Beauty                   3 days                      € 450.00 incl VAT

Wedding               2 days                      € 300.00 incl VAT

Fashion                1 day                        € 300.00 incl VAT

Total 12 days                                      € 1,950.00 incl VAT

The packages

Alternatively to the entirely attendance to the V)OR Academy, the student can purchase the courses individually with the exception of Base 1 and Base 2 that being complementary must be purchased together.You may also purchase the Base 1 and Base 2 matching them to Beauty or Wedding.

E.g. Base 1 + Base 2 + Wedding

Remind that the full training (all 5 courses) allows the student to have the V)OR Academy Diploma, individual courses entitle to participation certificates only.

For each course there is a specific kit of products that has a dedicated price only valid for the academic period.

Each course has a different product kit, one for the Basic 1 and 2, one for the Beauty, one for the Wedding and one for Fashion.  If the student attend the entire academic training (all 5 courses), the product received in the previous courses and will be deducted from those already received, to avoid having duplicates of the same product and to allow having a complete bag at the end of the training.


Actually we are:

Salerno, Francesca Ragone in arte Beyouty Lookmaker










Lamezia Terme, Ilaria Matarazzo ToBe Academy










Taranto, Monica Boccuni.










Milano, Monica Guidi.










La formazione V)OR Academy parte a Novembre 2017 presso ogni sede.

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